Aacrom is a company in Costa Rica providing graphic design, e-learning courses, animation, and other services.

We helped with naming, designing the logotype and logo icon, developing a brand identity, stationery, and website design and development. We are still working together to make costarican design better.

Naming & Logotype design

Designing the logotype started with defining the brand name. Aacrom is a strong, solid name, designed to stand out between the local agencies offering similar products.

Sketching is first: Using different tools on different mediums, a wide variety of styles can be achieved, while keeping the shapes natural and unique. A geometric style was chosen to highlight the brand’s highlights: Simplicity, strength, and high standards. Different types of stroke terminals were considered, as well as different placements. We arrived at a slight curve applied to the upper terminals — giving the brand a strong, solid base, but enough softness to be approachable.

Icon design

Other styles were considered, but from the very beginning, the idea of joining the square shape with the round shape were there. This shock, or contrast, was developed in order to transmit the same feeling described above: a strong, but approachable brand. Solid background, but flexible workflow.

Eventually, we decided on a horizontal layout with relatively thin shapes.

Website design and development