Nice to meet you!

My name is Cécile Lebleu. I also sometimes go by the name Czl. I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in Costa Rica.

Usually, my work consists of brand development — logotypes, identity, web development, graphic design. I absolutely love paper, and the intricate details of nature. That’s why you will easily find me watching a leaf, or studying the texture and quality of a book page, or building an origami animal or a paper mechanism. Print is one of my passions, and nothing is better than receiving a beautifully printed something I designed.

I mostly enjoy doing things I’ve never done, and learning every day. I’m an avid reader for technical stuff, and I like watching different people work on different things, and learn about what they are doing, and why, and how. Right now, I’m learning programming, and I plan to use this to up my web design as well as to build fun, new things, like games and apps, with my partner. We’ve built a few things together, my favorites are taketofu and mōukad