Cécile Lebleu

Cécile Lebleu

Nice to meet you! I’m Cécile Lebleu, brand designer turned front-end developer.

I like to build interactive websites and design systems. I also enjoy making great food.

If you're here, chances are, you want to learn more about who I am. So I have been brutally honest in the making of this slice of my life, so you're not missing out on details. To me, a personality is more important than a person's stacks or degrees. I'm playful and I live for learning. So if you like who I am and you think I can help you, please reach out — I'd like to be friends!

Currently working with: Gatsby, React, Figma

Currently learning: Advanced JavaScript, Advanced React

Some things I love:

  • Typography
  • 🖋 Classic & minimal design
  • 🍜 Ramen
  • 👩🏼‍💻 Clean code
  • 🥖 Fresh bread
  • 🌳 Walks in nature


What I'm good at, and not-so-good-at too, because I'm human after all 🤷🏼‍♀️


  • Current stack: Jamstack with React and Gatsby.
  • WordPress with Elementor, optionally WooCommerce. Will bug everyone about "plugin bloat" and nag about optimizations.
  • Always looking for the newest things to learn, and will avoid older frameworks and tools at all cost. I prefer using modern CSS over Bootstrap, for example, or anything over jQuery.
  • Currently diving into back-end database and the like, but so far, I'm far from knowledgeable in the field. I'd prefer working with your back-end engineer of choice.
  • Good at: Front-End
  • Not so much: Back-End


  • Walking know-it-all about typography. Will complain about kerning and use of "classic" default system fonts without a very good reason.
  • Design systems (like brand identities), layouts (like responsive web design or prints), icons, and letters.
  • Not so good at illustration or artistic things. It's too free. I prefer to keep art for personal leisure, and use tried-and-tested systems for client's projects.
  • Good at: Designing systems
  • Not so much: Arts & illustration


  • I have a special thing for bread, soup, sauce, and salad. It just makes me happy. My alter ego is a 17th to 19th century cook. Yes, with the costume and all. Shh, don't tell anyone.
  • Particularly good at making pizza and bread, according to people.
  • Not into spicy food (as in hot peppers). But might eat all the mustard and soy sauce in your fridge, if left alone.


Best read from the bottom up.


  • Currently going through The Advanced JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp.
  • Finished a very thorough React Bootcamp.
  • Learned Gatsby.


  • 🚀 Deep dive into coding. Characters typed per year must have skyrocketed here.
  • 🖥 Worked with even more amazing people, building even more WordPress websites.


  • 💻 Continued learning about front-end web development. Figured out that vanilla might not be the standard anymore.
  • 🎴 All the hard work finally started to yield results: I had the opportunity to work in an amazing card game! I love that game and play it regularly. My first little brother is a huge fan.


  • 🗂 Took a deep-dive into brand identity design. Somewhere around here I figured out I really like building, and following, systems.
  • ⚙️ To expand my graphic design capabilities, I started learning how to use WordPress to build client websites.
  • 💻 Meanwhile, I started learning about programming. Dabbled with Python, PHP, and Machine Learning, but ultimately decided to stick to front-end.
  • 🤓 Still nerding every day into books about typography, print, design, and marketing, and designing every day better type.


  • 💼 Worked on my freelance logo designer career, with more clients and more project diversity.
  • 📕 Learned about graphic design and marketing. Obsessed over print design vs pixel design.
  • 📐 Kept expanding my knowledge in type design. Started designing my first typefaces.


  • 🖌 Started learning lettering design. Got sucked into learning what defines the shapes of letters.
  • 🧑🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻 Got married!
  • Learned about type-setting and type design.
  • 🏆 Started designing logotypes for clients: First freelance project!


  • 🥐 Looking for a simpler life, I worked as a baker and barista at a local french shop for a while. While painting the menu on the walls, I dived into letter design, and spent some time in the nearby university's library reading all about Frutiger.
  • 🎥 Then, I studied and worked part-time in photography, videography, music video production, including product photography, production, recording, editing.
  • 🎙 I also got a lot into the music industry — at one point it was my goal in life. I learned about all the processes, from recording to mastering to marketing and everything in between, met some incredible producers and artists, and visited amazing audio gear factories and studios.
  • 💾 I worked and played in web development, doing the monotonous HTML and CSS my dad didn't want to do (lol), back when DreamWeaver was the best thing since sliced bread.
  • 👧🏼 During my childhood and early years, I was in a great environment to learn all sorts of things. At-home summer jobs were the norm for me, and we were always doing something different.

Last updated: August 1, 2020