HEXaDecimate is a new card game developed by Subaltern Games. I was super lucky to work with Seth to design the logotype for the game, which was a really great experience! The logotype design process was a challenge for me: the shapes, 3D effects, and the contrast between both parties of the game were difficult to achieve, but the results are a perfect match for the game.

After the logotype was completed, we decided to keep working together to design the game itself. Ever since, I have been contributing to the graphic design of the game, from the layout of the cards, to large promo printing materials. 

The game was presented at PAX East, with a prototype of the cards for playing. It’s so exciting to see the printed cards, and people enjoying the game!

The game launched in October 2018. It was a fascinating project to work on — and I was super excited to get my own deck! The box and cards are beautifully printed, and the game is really fun, very interesting, and challenging in the best way. It has become one of my favorite games to play with friends and family!

Be sure to order your deck at hexadecimategame.com!