Thrive Grab Bar Co.

This is the main version of the logo. It is made for use, placed digitally or printed, over white backgrounds.

This is the supporting version of the logo. It is designed as a sticker, it can be printed on dark or busy backgrounds, or as stickers for products, among other uses.


Your logo has been made with custom-drawn letters for the word Thrive, and using a specific font for Grab Bar Co.

The characteristics of the lettering design were obtained from the description of the brand. Here, in black, are adjectives used to describe the brand. In blue, speci cations for the lettering design.

Clean, Simple. Crisp, Simple.
 Confident. Sans Serif. 
Strong. Bold, not light. 
Respect. Traditional forms. 
Optimism. Roman letters. 

Avoiding the use of ornaments, thin details, brittle effects, experimental lettering, or slant in the letters.

This defines the shape of the lettering, and also the general shape of the logo. An upright, con dent, strong outlook, in the details of each letter and in the rectangle shape of the overall logo.

To avoid looking too menacing or dangerous, a round and soft element was added: the blue bar.

“No matter the age and condition, we all have the ability and right to feel secure and thrive.”

“Our mission is to bring a youthful and positive outlook to those who are treated coldly, as sick people.”

“Adapt and Thrive.”

The font used for Grab Bar Co is called Charter. It is a free professional font, referred to as one of the best professional free fonts available, arguably the best. It was chosen for its professionalism, traditional form, and for enhancing the values of the brand in the logo.

Using Charter on all other documents is highly recom- mended, as it will enhance the same values throughout the whole brand.

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